Training Workshops

What we're told we forget, but what we do we understand

Eureka training workshops are focused on building practical skills and show you how to think more strategically, more creatively and more effectively. They offer a more intelligent answer to solving the problems of modern day sales &  marketing and are based on Example, Explanation and Exercise.

  • Examples demonstrate that all the knowledge and insights are proven to work in the real world of sales and marketing. 

  • Explanations make sure that you fully understand the principles.

  • Exercises drive the learning home and give you the opportunity to apply the learning to your own business.

The workshops are the product of extensive research, successful brand marketing case histories and the latest behavioural science insights. 

Plus, Eureka designs the workshops to make make them easy to follow so that the learning is simple to do when you apply it to your own sales and marketing. We put more thought into our workshops so you get more out of them.

Training workshops

Persuasion Marketing is a full day workshop that explains the principles, strategies and techniques of Persuasion Marketing, and shows you how to apply them to your own business.

Eureka also runs half-day workshops on copywriting, business storytelling, branding, behavioural economics, business storytelling, charity communications and how to be creative. For details on individual workshops click the buttons below. 

What clients say...

"Many thanks for the workshop, out of the all the learning events I’ve done I have to say that yours was the most interesting." Anders Swaffield, Digital Marketing Coordinator, NetworkMyClub