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Persuasion Communication

All sales and marketing communications is about persuasion, whether it's to get someone to visit your website, sign up to a newsletter, donate to charity or buy a product or service. But where does persuasion happen? Does it happen on screen, on the page or in the human mind?

Eureka are the creators of Persuasion Communication which shows you how to talk to the human as well as the algorithm. It harnesses a combination of stand-out creativity, direct response techniques and the behavioral science that influences how we react to marketing messages and make decisions. 

Learn how to make all your sales and marketing communications more effective by being more persuasive in a series of individual or packages of online training workshops.

It's big thinking for small and medium size businesses.

Impact, Information & Influence

To be effective and persuade people to take action every piece of sales and marketing content has to have Impact, Information and Influence: 

#1 Impact so that messages first stand out and win attention. 

#2 Information so that marketing messages are relevant and say the right things in the right way.  

#3 Influence so that people are persuaded to take the desired action. 

Eureka runs a range of Persuasion Communication workshops and training programmes which show you how to apply these principles to all your sales and marketing communications including websites, social media, digital and content marketing, search, advertising, presentations and networking.

Watch the video

Persuasion doesn't happen on screen, or on the page, it happens in the human mind. 

Our video explains the behavioral science approach which is one of the key elements behind Persuasion Marketing Communication.

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Who are the workshops are for

  • Small and medium size businesses
  • Start-ups and solopreneurs
  • Charities and non-profits start-ups
  • Consultants and freelancers
  • Digital marketing and social media agencies

What our clients say...

"The workshops have transformed the way we think about our sales and marketing efforts. This stuff is clever and it really works." Paul Booth, Chief Executive, Nannyjob


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