Persuasion Marketing

It's big thinking for small and medium size businesses

Marketing explained

Whatever you're selling your customers will have a choice. They can either buy what you're offering or from someone else selling something similar. Marketing's job is to persuade them to choose you.

The Attention Economy

Before digital marketing the average person in the UK saw around 100 sales and marketing messages a day. Now, it's up to 1,000. Today, we live in what business leaders call the Attention Economy, where our attention spans have become massively overloaded. Persuasion Marketing is designed to solve this problem.

What is Persuasion Marketing

Persuasion Marketing is the ethical way to make your sales and marketing more effective by making it more persuasive. It’s based on Impact, Information and Influence.

  • Impact helps your marketing stand out and win the battle for attention.
  • Information helps your marketing be relevant to wants and needs and says the right things in the right way.
  • Influence helps your marketing be more effective by understanding how your customers react to marketing messages and make buying decisions.

An ethical approach

Persuasion Marketing recognises that people are prepared to be persuaded - honestly. 

It also recognises that people don't buy a bad product - or promise - twice; respects their intelligence and doesn't insult it; and delivers sales and marketing success by building long-term customer relationships.

We call it, "Big thinking for small and medium size businesses".

This 2 minutes video explains the fascinating behavioural science of Influence and how we make buying decisions. Together with Impact and Information it makes up the Persuasion Marketing approach.

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Bob Maddams is the founder of Eureka and is a highly experienced copywriter, journalist and qualified business trainer. He runs in-depth workshops on Persuasion Marketing, Branding, Business Storytelling and Behavioural Science for Business. He also operates as a freelance copywriter for hire. For details of workshops and copywriting services, click the buttons below.