Sales & Marketing Communications training workshops

Big thinking for small and medium size businesses

Does your sales & marketing get noticed?

Today, the average person in the UK sees over 1,000 sales and marketing messages every day. Business leaders are calling this the Attention Economy problem and the mobile phone "the weapon of mass distraction". So how can you make your sales & marketing messages stand out, win attention and get acted upon? Persuasion Marketing is designed to solve this growing problem.

What is Persuasion Marketing?

Algorithms don't buy things - people do. So Persuasion Marketing isn't about understanding how digital platforms and social media channels work, it's about understanding how people work and specifically how they react to sales and marketing messages and make buying decisions. It talks to the human, not the algorithm, and is based on Impact, Information and Influence.

  • Impact makes your sales & marketing stand out and win the battle for attention.

  • Information makes your sales & marketing more relevant to wants and needs and says the right things in the right way.

  • Influence makes your sales & marketing more persuasive by harnessing key behavioural science insights.

Who is it for?

Our workshops have been specifically designed for start-ups and small and medium size businesses. They take the confusion out of sales& marketing and make it clear, concise and creative. Wherever you are on your business journey, from launch to establishing your business as a trusted brand, they'll equip you with all the sales & marketing strategies and insights you need to help make your business a success.

Our emphasis on understanding the human rather than the algorithm means that the workshops are also popular with more established companies and sales and marketing professionals who need to hit the sales & marketing reset button.     

Where does it work?

Because Persuasion Marketing is all about understanding people, not platforms, it works everywhere. From a tweet to a TV commercial, Persuasion Marketing can be applied to your website, blogs, ads, print materials, face to face networking, everywhere in fact where you engage with you customers and target audience, and that includes on social media too.     

An ethical approach

Persuasion Marketing recognises that people know they have choices to make are prepared to be persuaded - honestly. As well as giving you the key fundamental sales & marketing principles, the workshops also train you in how to apply creative and strategic thinking as well as human psychology to your sales & marketing. The result is sales & marketing communications that respect your audience's intelligence, and doesn't insult it, and delivers business success by forging long-term customer relationships.

We call it, "Big thinking for small and medium size businesses".

This short video explains the fascinating behavioural science of Influence and how we make buying decisions. Together with Impact and Information it makes up the Persuasion Marketing approach.

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