Persuasion Marketing

It's not the hard sell. 

It's not the soft sell. 

It's the smart sell.

Persuasion Marketing

Persuasion Marketing is all about understanding how the human mind works when we react to marketing messages and make buying decisions. It's based on three things:

  • Impact so that your messaging stands out and wins attention. Unfortunately, the vast majority of marketing messages are completely ignored and fall at this first hurdle.
  • Information so that your messaging respects your audience's intelligence and tells them what they need to know to make an informed decision. Sadly, most marketing messages prefer to treat people as unthinking individuals and by making overblown promises and claims
  • Influence so that your messaging prompts action by tapping into the behavioural science "Yes Triggers" we all use when we make buying decisions. Again, most marketing misses this completely because it simply isn't aware of it.    

Basically, there are only two types of marketing. There's marketing that respects its audience's intelligence and marketing that simply insults it. Now, ask yourself, which approach reflects your values and represents how you'd like to build your business?

Eureka founder & workshop leader, Bob Maddams

Hi, I'm Bob Maddams, a highly experienced and award-winning marketing professional. I spent 20 years working as a copywriter for famous name brands including British Airways, Barclays and Inter-Continental Hotels in the creative departments of top 10 London advertising agencies. I've also worked as a journalist for The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph, and as a behaviour change consultant for international aid agencies and UK charities. In 2005 I qualified as a City & Guilds media skills trainer and have been a guest workshop leader at the University of Sussex Business School. I set up Eureka to offer my unique brand of marketing experience and business training to startups, SMEs and charities. I also create content and write copy for clients and charities in Sussex, where I'm based, and beyond.   

What clients say...

“I found the workshop a really helpful tool, particularly the tasks throughout that prompted me to think more about our brand identity and key communications.” Claire Cross, Social Media and Communications Co-ordinator, University of Brighton Students' Union

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