Story based workshops and training

Story brings training alive

Story is the most powerful tool in the trainer’s toolbox. Story makes all training easier to understand, more memorable and more effective. Story lies at the heart of the Eureka approach.  

#1 Every Eureka workshop and training programme is underpinned by story, where the storytelling contains all the essential knowledge, principles and techniques.

#2 Each element of the training has three parts to make the learning as understandable and effective as possible. They are Explanation, Example and Exercise.

#3 Thinking exercises underpin all training and are based on the principle that what we’re told we forget but what we do we understand.  

#4 The content of each workshop is the result of extensive research into big brand case histories, proven creative strategies, behavioural science insights and business leader experience.

#5 This knowledge is filtered though our experience as marketing and communications professionals working for leading brands and packaged into easy to understand and apply learning.  

#6 Everything is focused on you and how you can develop your Persuasion Marketing skills as easily, quickly and effectively as possible.

Eureka founder and workshop leader, Bob Maddams

In an award-winning advertising and marketing career Bob has worked as a copywriter at leading London advertising agencies M&C Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather, and for some of the UK’s leading brands including British Airways, Barclays and Inter-Continental Hotels. He later developed behaviour change campaigns in the developing world where he worked for Unicef, the United Nations, Oxfam, Water Aid and Womankind. Bob's journalism career includes writing for The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Marketing Week and Campaign magazine. Bob is also a City & Guilds qualified media skills trainer, has taught marketing communications courses at Hove College, and is a guest workshop leader at the University of Sussex School of Business.

Free Handbook

Every attendee leaves with a free copy of the Eureka Creative Communications Handbook.


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