How to be creative workshop

Anyone can learn how to become a more creative thinker

Creativity is the fuel that powers all sales & marketing communications. The more creative your messaging, the more it stands out and wins attention. But what most people don't realise is that first and foremost creative thinking isn't a talent, it's a technique, which means that like all techniques it can be taught.

What's more, anyone can learn to become a more creative thinker. This workshop will show you how and includes:.

  • Dobono's six hats of creative thinking

  • A 4-step formula for having great ideas

  • Training your brain to be more creative

  • Convergent v divergent thinking

  • Mind mapping - a technique for seeing things differently

  • How to spot great creative thinking (and steal it) 

Creativity in education by Sir Ken Robinson, the most watched video in the history of Ted Talks