Persuasion Copywriting

People are prepared to be persuaded - honestly

Your customers know they have a choice. They can either buy from you or from someone else.  So sales and marketing is all about persuading people to choose you. Persuasion Copywriting recognises that people are prepared to be persuaded honestly and is a combination of creativity, direct response advertising and the behavioural science insights that influence human decision making. It works by understanding your customers' wants and needs, explaining how you can fulfill their expectations and  respecting their intelligence and not insulting it.

Highly experienced copywriter

I'm Bob Maddams, a highly experienced copywriter and journalist. I've written copy for famous name brands including British Airways, Barclays and Inter-Continental Hotels; and articles for The Times, The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. I've also worked as a behaviour change communications consultant for UK charities and international aid agencies. I'm based in Sussex and offer my copywriting services to marketing agencies, small and medium size businesses and charities.

Copywriting services

  • Website copywriting
  • Newsletters, blogs and posts
  • Email marketing  
  • Social media campaigns: 
  • Advertising and Direct Mail
  • Advertorials and business journalism
  • Brand storytelling
  • Print and brochures
  • Press Releases
  • Video scripts

Copywriter, Bob Maddams

What clients say...

“Bob brought a level of strategic knowledge and thinking to the relaunch of our website that went a lot further than just copywriting. It was like having a highly experienced management consultant on our team as well as a very creative copywriter.”

Paul Booth, CEO, Nannyjob