Online workshops

Eureka has temporarily suspended its full-day and half-day workshops and shifted all its training online. This has allowed us to reconfigure our workshops into more bitesize, 2 hour learning experiences. The sessions can be booked individually or as complete programmes at discounted rates. 

Programme #1 includes the 3 Impact, Information and Influence workshops, which together form the fundmentals of the Persuasion Communication Process.

Programme #2 includes all 6 workshops for a totally immersive experience that develops your creative thinking capacities as well as the specifics for creating more persuasive sales and marketing communications. 

How to be more creative

Creative thinking isn't a talent, it's a technique, and one that anybody can learn. It's a natural part of human intelligence. This masterclass shows you how to develop your natural creative thinking ability.

Impact - the techniques of stand out creativity

The vast majority of sales and marketing messages are simply ignored. Developing stand out creativity is the first step in getting any sales and marketing message to cut through.  

Information - the essentials of persuasion copywriting

We all have to be copywriters nowadays. This workshop explains the essentials of how to write effective copy that gets results. 

Influence - the behavioural science of human decision making

Shows you how to apply the 6 Yes Triggers of Influence that govern human decision making to your sales and marketing communications. 

Business & brand storytelling

Studies show that storytelling is the most powerful tool in the marketer's toolbox, but there is much more to compelling business storytelling than a simple beginning, middle and end.

Persuasion Communication Process

A series of 6 online workshops that build into a complete guide to Persuasion Communication which you can apply across all of your sales and marketing activity.

Charity Communications

Charity communications is a specialist area which requires both sensitive and nuanced messaging. From advocacy to fundraising the Eureka approach draws heavily on workshop leader Bob Maddams' extensive knowledge and experience working for both UK charities (Dogs Trust, St Wilfrid's Hospice, Refugee Support) and international NGOs (Oxfam, Unicef, Water Aid).


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