Persuasion Copywriting workshop

Persuasion copywriting

Copywriting has become an essential business skill for practically everyone in any organization. Nowadays, we all have to be copywriters whether it's writing landing pages and blogs for websites; social media posts and other online content; or sales emails, leaflets and brochures.The Persuasion Copywriting workshop reveals the techniques professional copywriters use and shows you how to apply them to your own copywriting to make your communications more effective.

What you'll learn

  • The "dos and don'ts" of effective copywriting
  • Identifying and addressing your audience's needs
  • How to translate features into benefits
  • How to write compelling headline propositions 
  • How to write informative and relevant copy
  • Basics of SEO (search engine optimization) copywriting
  • Direct response and Call To Action techniques
  • How to think like a copywriter - it's a lot more than being clever with words

Course take-aways

  • A PDF summary of the workshop content including practical exercise sheets
  • Free copy of the Eureka Creative Communications Handbook

Who workshop is for

  • SMEs
  • Social media professionals and consultants
  • Marketing executives
  • Sales directors, managers and executives
  • Content, digital and marketing agencies
  • Businesses owners
  • Charities & non-profits

What our clients say...

"The workshop was great, I thought all the information was useful and insightful, and the use of examples was really beneficial. I would certainly recommend your workshops." Dan Smart, Brand Manager, Actsmart 


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