Persuasion Copywriting - knowledge & skills you'll learn

From a sales email to a landing page, and a blog or social media post to a leaflet or brochure, copywriting is an essential part of successful sales and marketing communications. But copywriting is a lot more than being clever with words. It's about strategy, content, tone of voice, brand and call to action. You'll leave this workshop with the knowledge and confidence to write copy that is relevant, respects your audience's intelligence and is persuasive.

  • How to write headlines that win attention
  • How to write headlines that work with photos and images and give them more impact
  • The importance of facts and relevant information over description and overclaiming 
  • Addressing WIIFM (What's In It For Me)
  • How to translate features into benefits
  • Brand tone-of-voice
  • How to apply the all-important Yes triggers of behavioural science
  • Direct response copywriting techniques and Calls To Action

Video explains the behavioural science that influences our decision making.

What or clients say...

"Thanks for the awesome event this morning."

Jenna Gradidge, Copywriter, Hello Genius 

Who workshop is for

  • SMEs
  • Social media professionals and consultants
  • Marketing executives
  • Sales directors, managers and executives
  • Content, digital and marketing agencies
  • Businesses owners
  • Charities & non-profits

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