Persuasion Communication Process workshop

Persuasion Communication Process - knowledge & skills you'll learn

  • The attention economy and why you need Persuasion Communication
  • Introduction to standout creativity - the tactics & techniques that big brands use to win attention and how to adapt them to your business
  • Impact, communication & persuasion – understanding the structure of all sales and marketing communications
  • Basics of Persuasion copywriting – how to write for maximum sales effectiveness
  • The 6 Yes triggers – an introduction to the behavioural psychology that influences human decision making
  • Explanation of how Persuasion Communication works across all media: websites, social media (including Facebook, Twitter & Instagram), search, content marketing, sales emails, print and even presentations and pitches

Why you need Persuasion Communication

This short video explains why you need the Persuasion Communication process to stand out and win business. 

Course take-aways

  • A PDF summary of the workshop content including practical exercise sheets
  • Free copy of the Eureka Creative Communications Handbook

Who the workshop is for

  • SMEs
  • Business owners 
  • Marketing executives
  • Sales directors, managers and executives
  • Content, digital and marketing agencies
  • Social media professionals and consultants
  • Charities & non-profits

What our clients say...

Bob's workshops have helped me apply communication tactics that embody both honesty and creativity to articulate the unique strengths of my offerings. There are lots of exercises that are both simple and powerful in terms of the valuable information and insights they elicit. I highly recommend." Dr. Muzammal, Restorative Wellness


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