I wouldn’t call myself creative, so is this for me?

Yes! Actually you are already a lot more creative than you perhaps realise. Cognitive psychologists tell us that creativity is merely a branch of our natural human intelligence. It’s just that in many cases we either don’t know this, or our creative capacities haven’t been developed as much as other areas of our thinking. They also tell us that creativity, or the ability to think creatively, is based on a set of simple principles that can be taught. Our workshops apply these principles and make learning to think more creatively a stimulating and inspiring experience. Creativity is a technique, not a talent

How can Persuasion Marketing Communication make my marketing more effective?

All the principles, tactics and techniques that together make up the Persuasion Marketing Communication Process have been tested in the real world by highly successful brands that have spent many £millions on them over the years. What the Persuasion Marketing Communication Process does is adapt this knowledge and learning and turn it into a tool specially designed for SMEs, charities, agencies, consultants and freelancers.

How can Persuasion Marketing Communication save money?

Persuasion Marketing Communication saves you money in two key ways. Firstly, by making your sales and marketing messages more effective this increases your Return On Investment (ROI). Secondly, Google and all the major social media platforms are increasingly using a Quality Score mechanic that rewards content that attracts more clicks with better positions, exposure and lower costs per click. This is all dependent on the quality of the message to engage and persuade users, which is what Persuasion Marketing Communication is designed to do.

Can Persuasion Marketing Communication save me valuable time?

Yes, many small businesses and business owners tell us that they waste hours staring at a blank screen with no idea what to say. Social media in particular, although vital to any businesses success, is a monster that constantly needs feeding. The Persuasion Marketing Communication Process helps solve this problem by giving you a range of communications strategies to use. You won't be lost for what to say ever again,ans creating content can become something that's more of a pleasure to do rather than a chore.

Can I measure Persuasion Marketing Communication by results?

Yes, most definitely, and you can do so using whatever analytics or metrics you’re using at the moment. All you have to do is run a simple A/B test. In other words run old messages against new messages you’ve created using the Persuasion Marketing Communication Process.

Is Persuasion Marketing Communication only for digital and social?

No, Persuasion Maketing Communication works wherever and whenever your sales and marketing messages are in front of your customers and clients. So as well as working on your website, and in all the digital and social media channels you use, it also works in all other areas such as sales emails and letters, and brochures and leaflets. You can even apply the Persuasion Marketing Communication approach to your presentations to make them more powerful and it can help make your business networking more engaging.

Will Persuasion Marketing Communication continue to work when the next "big thing" comes along?

Yes, the Persuasion Marketing Communication is 100% future proof because it’s not about the platform, or the algorithm, it’s about the human. So whatever the next big thing in tech turns out to be we human beings, and the ways we react to messages and make buying decisions, always stays the same.

Is all this behavioural science stuff ethical?

Yes, when you use it ethically. Persuasion Marketing Communication isn't manipulation. On the contrary it recognizes that people can't be manipulated against their will; that we all respond to having our intelligence respected and that we are prepared to be persuaded honestly. Sales and marketing communications only really work when businesses talk about brand and product truths, don't exaggerate or overclaim, and tell their stories in relevant, convincing and impactful ways. After all, a false promise will only sell a product or service once. And no one can build a successful business that way.

Why do digital and social media agencies need Persuasion Marketing Communication?

Digital marketing and social media have been built on targeting which is a highly technical skill, but now the quality of the messaging has become just as important. More and more digital and social media professionals are recognising that the point of difference going forward is the creative and persuasive content of messaging. Persuasion Marketing Communication allows them to raise their creative thinking to the same level as their technical expertise.

Can Persuasion Marketing Communication simply make me more creative?

At the risk of sounding a bit far-fetched, yes it can. Your creative thinking capacities are like a muscle. Once you’ve developed them they can work across all your business activities. And not just in business either, but in your day-to-day life as well. If you want to be more creative we can show you how.


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