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When you send a piece of copy out into the world it has to compete with hundreds of others just like it. The sad truth is that today the vast majority of sales and marketing messages are simply ignored, and that includes website landing pages, social media posts, blogs and ads. So to be effective every sales and marketing message has to have three things. 

Impact - so that your messages stand out and get noticed. 

Information - so that your copy is relevant and says the right things in the right way. 

Influence - so that your copy harnesses the behavioural science insights that govern human decision making and generate response.

These are the hallmarks of Persuasion Copywriting, a trademarked approach which combines creative thinking with marketing intelligence and behavioural science. 

And it can make all the difference between your copy getting results, or getting lost.

Copywriter, Bob Maddams

Bob Maddams is an award winning freelance copywriter. He has worked for major brands at top London advertising agencies, as a journalist for national newspapers, and as a behaviour change communications consultant for Unicef, Oxfam and other charities. Now located in Sussex, Bob is happy to help local SMEs improve the quality and effectiveness of their copy and content and is happy to offer London expertise and experience at local rates.

Copywriting training

Do you need to write a lot of your own copy yourself, such as blogs, landing pages and social media posts? Need help? Bob is a City & Guilds qualified media skills trainer and offers copywriting training to SMEs, charities and freelancers. 

I would like to introduce myself to you with a fantastic free offer. Why? Because rather than tell you how good I think I am I’d rather demonstrate what I do and let you be the judge. To find out more and take advantage of your free copywriting offer, please click the button above. 


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