Business & brand storytelling workshop

Business and brand storytelling

The cognitive science confirms it, story is the most powerful tool in any sales and marketing communicator's toolbox. This workshop breaks down and explains the structure of emotive and powerful story telling, reveals the secrets of business storytelling and how successful brands do it, and shows you how to tell your own brand or business story. Combining workshop leader Bob Maddams'  unique portfolio of business storytelling experience which includes advertising famous High St brands, creating behaviour change campaigns and working as a journalist for 20 years, you'll leave both informed and inspired to create your own compelling brand or business story. This masterclass in understanding the mechanics of brand and business storytelling includes: 

  • The behavioural science of story and why it's so influential
  • The fundamentals of story structure
  • A revealing study of successful brand and business stories -and what we can learn from them
  • How to plan your brand or business story
  • From insight to compelling story
  • How to tell your brand or business story visually, including video
  • How to write your brand or business story

What our clients say...

"I used to hate having to do my social media, but now I'm never short of ways to tell my story and actually look forward to it." 

- Vicki Booth, Victoria Booth Hypnotherapy

Course take-aways

  • A PDF summary of the workshop content including practical exercise sheets
  • Free copy of the Eureka Creative Communications Handbook

Who the workshop is for

  • SMEs
  • Business owners
  • Social media professionals and consultants
  • Marketing executives
  • Sales directors, managers and executives
  • Content, digital and marketing agencies
  • Creative freelancers
  • Charities & non-profits

What our clients say...

"Enjoyed the workshop, Bob is a total legend." Lucy Wendon, Community Manager, Town Square Spaces


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