An essential guide to marketing your startup

Get your marketing right from day one, avoid making expensive mistakes and turn your startup into a thriving business sooner. The workshop is specially designed for startup businesses and is delivered in plain English and non-tech speak for entrepreneurs new to marketing.

It guides you through the process of how to talk about your business in ways that are creative, relevant and effective, and it’s packed with famous brand name examples and simple exercises to help you apply these successful marketing tactics to your own business.

Two ways to learn

Choose to learn "anytime, anyplace, anywhere" and at your own pace with our series of PDFs that explain the key principles of how to market your startup. They explain the key principles, include big brand examples of successful sales and marketing strategies, together with exercise which really drive the learning home and show you how to apply the learning to your own business.

Plus, we also run drop-in online workshops on each of the 6 topics covered in the PDFs which explain them in more detail, and give you the opportunity to ask questions, get feedback on any exercises and share experiences with fellow startup entrepreneurs.

Topics covered

The 6 topics below build into a complete guide to how to successfully launch and market your startup business.

  1. Introduction – what you’ll learn on course, why you need it, how delivered, recommend collaborative learning
  2. Branding – how to turn your Startup into a strong brand
  3. Marketing strategies - big brand lessons every small business can learn
  4. Marketing communications – copywriting essentials and how to make your marketing messages stand out, win attention and get response
  5. Psychology of marketing – how to use the 6 Yes Triggers of persuasion
  6. Business storytelling – how to make your business story compelling

The course covers what you need to know to successfully market your startup and is written a nd delivered in jargon free plain English. It talks marketing common sense about how people react to sales and marketing messages, and explains how to use the psychology of honest persuasion to build long-lasting customer relationships.

What clients say...

"In a word - awesome". Jenna Gradidge, Copywriter, Hello Genius