Business Storytelling Workshop

Make your business story more involving and persuasive

In social science experiments behavioural psychologists have proven that we're hardwired to react to stories, and that stories are the most influential and effective tool in any marketer's toolbox.

When you know the basics of good storytelling you can make your busines story more convincing, your website more engaging and your sales and marketing more effective. 

But as every copywriter, journalist and best-selling author knows, storytelling isn't about telling your audience what happened, it's how you tell your story that counts. They also know that the secret to all good storytelling is structure, and that once you understand the basic principles of story structure you can make your business story more involving and persuasive.

In this workshop you'll learn about the universal building blocks of story, and how to use the simple storytelling template we've designed to help you tell your business story more effectively. 

You'll also learn how to use anecdote and story for sales success with proven examples of sales strategies that have been built on storytelling.